What We Are Doing

Current Projects

These are our current projects . If you are able to help please let us know.

Our Projects

Toss the Torch for the Kids

Now we are launching our 45 K Toss the Torch for the Kids. We need 5,000,000 dollars then we are going to be able to go purchase land. We do have one obstacle with this, land prices keeps going up and investors are purchasing big parcels of land to become housing and commercial use. We can not compete against that. Our youth group works hard setting up at events, but we can not raise funds quick enough to purchase what we need. We need help from the public, to become our investors, so we can obtain Fairgrounds that will not only help us but other nonprofits as well.

Free Easter Egg Hunt

Prior to Covid we would stuff 14,000 Easter Eggs and host an Free Easter Egg Hunt at the Ocala Drive-in prior to the movies. 2021 we just passed out goodie bags.

Trash to Fashion

We have several programs that we do throughout the year. We focus on recycling and we build a float that is 75 % recycled items. We even held our own Trash to Fashion where kids could win money for their favorite teacher. Our youth group was in the On Top of the World Lions Club trash to fashion where they won and used that money to host a water slide at the grand opening of the Splash Pad.

Shopping for a sibling

Shopping for a Sibling

Our end of year Shopping for a Sibling is our favorite program. We collect used toys and put up a huge toy store where kids can come shop for free for each other. We wrap the presents before they even leave our area. Youths without siblings can now shop for Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma. 2020 we even opened it to teens so they could shop for clothing for each other. You can find us at our booth at the Ocala Drive-in where we are giving to those in need.

What We Have Done

Past Projects

These are our past projects.

Our Projects

Building Funding

We are pleased to say thank you to the City of Belleview for donating to our organization, $13,800.00 in our efforts of getting a building.